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Product Name: Release
Classification Name: Dressing Low-adherent, Absorbent
Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd


Release consists of a textured sleeve of EMA (ethylene-methyl acrylate) open at two ends, surrounding an absorbent core consisting of viscose fibres enclosed between two spreader layers of non-woven tissue. The sleeve, which provides a wound contact layer of low-adherence, is perforated to allow the passage of exudate into the body of the pad.


Release is indicated for the management of clean, light-moderately exuding superficial wounds including lacerations, abrasions and sutured wounds.


No absolute contra-indications to the use of Release have been reported.

Method of use

Release is applied directly to the wound and held in place with tape or conforming bandage. Because of its low-adherence surface, the dressing is easily removed from the wound, without causing pain or disturbing delicate new granulation or epithelial tissue.

Frequency of Change

The frequency of dressing changes depends upon the condition of the wound and the amount of exudate present. Ideally, the dressing should be changed just before strike-through occurs.


Release is not recommended for use on clinically infected wounds without medical supervision.


Release is presented in a peel pouch, sterilised by gamma irradiation.


The dressing should be stored in a cool, dry place and under these conditions, shelf-life is at least 5 years.


5 cm 5 cm*

10 cm 10 cm*

10 cm 20 cm*

* available on Drug Tariff.


1. Moody M, Looking for non-adherence, Nursing Times 1992, 88, (19).

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