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Product Name: Opsite IV 3000
Classification Name: Dressing Cannula, Semipermeable Film, Adhesive
Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew Healthcare Limited


Opsite IV 3000 and Opsite IV 3000 One Hand consist of a thin hydrophilic polyurethane membrane coated with a layer of an acrylic emulsion adhesive. Because of the hydrophilic nature of the film, the dressing is highly permeable to water vapour, (about 3000 g/m /24hours), but impermeable to micro-organisms. Once in position, therefore, it provides an effective barrier to external contamination. The Opsite IV 3000 film is presented on a paper carrier and has two removable `handles' to facilitate application. The Opsite IV 3000 One Hand is presented on a paper carrier and one polypropylene carrier for ease of application.

Because the high permeability of the film permits the rapid loss of water vapour from the surface of the patient's skin to the external environment, it prevents the accumulation of moisture beneath the dressing and thus provides a dry environment which inhibits bacterial proliferation. This in turn reduces the possibility of infection occurring at the catheter site.


Opsite IV 3000 is ideally suited for for dressing central lines and long and short term peripheral catheters.


Opsite IV 3000 should be used for dressing catheter sites only. If a film dressing is required for an open wound, an alternative product such as Opsite Flexigrid or Tegaderm should be considered.

Method of use

Before application of Opsite IV 3000, the surrounding skin should be cleansed with a suitable antiseptic agent and prepared with an alcohol impregnated swab to defat and dry the skin.

To apply the dressing, part of the paper carrier should be peeled back and the dressing placed down over the venepuncture site. Without applying tension to the film it should be smoothed down firmly onto the skin. At this point the `handles' can be removed if required and used to secure the cannula hub or tubing.

Frequency of Change

Unless it becomes loose or damaged, Opsite IV 3000 may be left in position for up to 5 days or until the catheter is changed or removed. Because the film is transparent, it is not necessary to remove the dressing to examine the site for evidence of infection or phlebitis.


Opsite IV 3000 and Opsite IV 3000 One Hand are presented individually wrapped in a peel pouch, sterilised by ethylene oxide.


Opsite IV 3000 6.0 cm 8.0 cm (for catheters with an injection port and wings)

10.0 cm 8.5 cm (for standard non-winged catheters)

10.0 cm 14.0 cm (for central line catheters)

Opsite IV 3000 One handle 5.0 cm 4.0 cm (for paediatic/neonatal catheters)

6.0 cm 7.0 cm (for standard non-winged catheters)

7.0 cm 9.0 cm (for central line catheters)

10.0 cm 12.0 cm (for ported peripheral and jugular catheters)

10.0 cm 14.0 cm (for central line catheters)

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Revision No 1.4
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