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Product Name: Granugel
Classification Name: Dressing Hydrogel, Amorphous
Manufacturer: ConvaTec Ltd


Granugel is a sterile gel containing pectin and sodium carboxymethylcellulose in a clear, viscous vehicle containing propylene glycol. The dressing has the ability to absorb excess exudate from exuding wounds but donate moisture to dry necrotic tissue or slough.


Granugel is indicated for the management of partial and full thickness wounds including including leg ulcers, pressure sores and surgical wounds. In the management of necrotic and sloughy wounds, Granugel facilitates cleansing by donating moisture to the dead tissue causing it to become rehydrated, thus facilitating autolytic debridement.

In the management of granulating wounds, Granugel maintains a moist environment which is claimed to facilitate the formation of granulation tissue.


Known sensitivity to the gel or its components.

Method of use

Granugel should be applied directly into the wound up to the level of the surrounding skin and covered with a moisture retentive dressing e.g., Granuflex.

Frequency of Change

Granugel should be changed when the cover dressing leaks or for routine dressing changes. Frequency of dressing change will depend on the state of the wound and level of exudate. On necrotic and sloughy wounds Granugel can be left on for up to 3 days. For clean granulating wounds Granugel can be left on for up to 7 days. The gel can be rinsed out with sterile saline.


When a wound is clinically infected Granugel may be used together with appropriate antibiotic therapy and the progress of the wound monitored carefully under medical supervision. In the presence of anaerobic infection occlusive therapy is not recommended.


Granugel is available in single use tubes, sterilised by autoclave.


Granugel should be stored in temperatures below 25\(deC, avoid freezing.


15g tube*

*Available on Drug tariff.


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